27/04/18 Fit Girl Fails


Getting into fitness isn’t as glamorous as it looks you know…


1. When your fitness tracker decides to die at the start of a workout.

2. Getting the zip stuck on your zip up sports bra leaving you trapped.

3. When your zip up sports bra spontaneously becomes unzipped during a workout.

4. Deciding to shave your legs before a sweaty workout so you can wear cropped leggings. Feel the burn….

5. Sweat patches in the most undignified of places.

6. Workout leggings that do NOT stay up. Hello low crotch.


7. Being that sweaty your leggings do stay up…because they are stuck to you.

8. Sports socks. Pick thick ones and your feet are on fire, pick thin ones and your trainers will smell like Wotsits. 

9. Never being able to keep on top of your washing pile again.

10. Going to classes without air-con. 

11. Being really good friends with everybody at your exercise class but not knowing anybody’s name.

12. No longer finding it worthwhile to do your hair or make up because you’re only going to get sweaty later on. 

13. Constantly forgetting to wash your water bottle so you just keep refilling it and try to forget about that article you read about how disgusting it is to not wash it after every use…


14. Repeatedly regretting your meal choices when it comes to eating before exercising.


15. When you have 99 hair ties but you can’t find one.

16. Going to check if you beat your best time and realising your timer didn’t start.

17. Forgetting to shave your armpits.

18. When the post-workout selfie is just too gross to post on any social media platform.

19. Trying not to laugh when doing pelvic thrusts in public because you’re an adult and to laugh would be childish…

20. When your everything is sore.