04/05/18 You Know You’re a Dance Fitter When…


Here are a few tell-tale signs that you are a fully fledged Dance Fitter and Dance Fit lover…

1. You’re clued up on the Top 40 chart. 

2. You no longer feel embarrassed shaking what your mama gave you. 

3. You are now either a Little Mix, Jason Derulo or Bruno Mars fan.

4. You can no longer hear Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bootylicious’ without dropping into a squat. 

5. Driving safely with the radio on has become a difficult task.

6. You can sing “single, single, double,” to any song.

7. You get quite emotional when you can’t get to class.

8. You truly understand how disorientating making quarter or half turns whilst staying on the spot can be.

9. If you’ve shouted out in excitement “We do a routine to this!” in a public place. 

10. Having your own spot at a class. 

11. You no longer think of exercise as a chore. 

12. You made a friend at class.