06/04/18 Review – Toobur Smart Watch Activity Tracker


The watch counts your steps, measures your heart rate, monitors how much light and deep sleep you’re getting, it can be put in workout mode to measure how many calories you’re burning during exercise…



£28.99 from Amazon at the time of purchase. 


The watch counts your steps, measures your heart rate, monitors how much light and deep sleep you’re getting, it can be put in workout mode to measure how many calories you’re burning during exercise and if you are doing a specific type of exercise you have 14 different activity modes to pick from.


The watch works in conjunction with an app on your phone that you have to download called VeryFitPro. But don’t panic! The download is free and is quick and easy to set up even for a bit of a technophobe like me! You just need to have a smart phone to be able to download it. All you need to do is enter your birth year, gender, height and weight via the app and after charging the watch you’re good to go. So far I have found the watch only needs charging once every 1-2 weeks. The strap detaches to reveal a USB you can plug into a laptop or computer to charge.

By looking at the watch  alone you can view how many steps you’ve done, get a measurement of your current heart rate and place it in workout mode/an activity mode to  get a running update of your heart rate during exercise and how many calories burnt. All of this is done by just tapping the only touch button on the interface to go through the options, tapping on an option to select.

When you tap the watch to finish your workout it tells you the total calories burnt and what your average heart rate was. To revisit this information you need to check the app. In addition, to view how many calories you’ve burnt from your daily steps, to see how much mileage you’ve covered with your steps or to look at your sleep data you will need to go on the app as opposed to looking at the watch.


In all honesty I was first and foremost just looking for a watch I could wear during my classes to tell the time alone! Because of the incredibly reasonable price I thought I may as well get one which doubles up as a fitness tracker too! I think the only thing the Toobur doesn’t do that other trackers do is track your diet but there are lots of other options and apps you can use for this. At £28.99, you can’t complain.


The watch is very easy to use and I have really enjoyed monitoring my steps, calories burnt and even looking at my sleep data has been interesting. It’s easy to get quite obsessive checking all the info out all the time! But after the first few weeks the novelty of checking it EVERY ten minutes does wear off and you start to calm down!


One thing is for sure, it is definitely an amazing source of motivation! You find yourself trying to beat your highest number of daily steps or calories burnt during exercise. You may have heard in the media recently that the ‘10,000 steps a day’ goal is a bit of a myth and that this figure has been plucked out of thin air. This doesn’t bother me at all; it has encouraged people to get moving more. And that’s the thing; the tracker makes you so much more aware of how much you are moving. 


This is a question I can’t answer. Does anyone really know? But I find myself asking how much more accurate would a more expensive fitness tracker be in comparison, how accurate are the top brand ones? Again, we don’t really know! Does it matter? No! I know the data I’m getting shows rough estimates not hard facts as do all the other people I’ve spoke to with fitness tracker watches. I don’t think anyone is under the illusion that the results are perfect. 

The most important thing is the Toobur encourages you to keep moving and try your best when it comes to exercise. If you want a fitness tracker that has all the main functions you would expect that doesn’t cost the earth, I would recommend the Toobur every time.