29/06/2018 Workout Excuses Busted!


If you are looking for an excuse not to workout you will find one and when you find one you will probably be able to argue your case for skipping said working out like a top lawyer! When it comes to getting fitter and healthier, as a society we are talented in “waiting until Monday,” procrastinating, talking ourselves out of things, and justifying our reasons for why we don’t want to do something as reasons why we shouldn’t do something! Let me break down some of those well-worn excuses…



My friend isn’t going – We all know it’s hard enough to find time to workout as it is without trying to co-ordinate your schedule with someone else’s. You are making it far harder for yourself to get into a regular exercise routine if you rely on going to a class with someone else.  Don’t concentrate on what other people are or aren’t doing, that doesn’t affect your health or fitness. “But they aren’t going so why should I?” Well, because you should be doing this for you and your own reasons. Why not go workout anyway? If we are talking about going to a fitness class you’ve been attending for a while it’s not like you won’t know anybody there!


I’m too tired – This is an easy one – exercise makes you feel more energetic! Enough said.


I may as well wait until after the weekend – Or “I may as well wait until after my holiday.” There seems to be a common notion that there is no point in exercising before a big blow out because you will just undo all your hard work. In that case you may as well never bother then because there will always be weekends, holidays and meals out around the corner. This mindset ties in with the idea of using exercise as a punishment for what you ate. Exercise is a word like diet which we associate with losing weight i.e something we try for a temporary period of time to fix something. This is wrong. Exercise should be part of your lifestyle. What you are eating tomorrow shouldn’t bear any relevance on whether you should workout today. We know a workout has instant and multiple benefits. To be healthy and fit you need to exercise regularly not sporadically.


I’m too unfit I won’t be able to do it – There’s no logic behind this excuse because working out is all about getting fitter! Also you won’t get any fitter by not doing something about it. You don’t know until you try so don’t talk yourself out of it beforehand! There’s also no need to worry about not knowing what to do because that’s what the instructors are there for! Nobody expects a beginner to be an expert. It’s all about pushing yourself if you want change, it might not be easy but it will be worthwhile.


I’m on a diet so I don’t need to – Eating well does not replace exercising and exercising does not replace eating well. The two work together and complement each other when it comes to benefits. Doing one without the other will limit results.


I’m too busy – This sounds like a stronger excuse to argue with because let’s face it who isn’t busy?! But really “I’m too busy” means that it’s just not a priority right now.  Even when we are leading busy lives we find time for things that matter to us. If a workout isn’t a priority for you today then that is fine! It definitely isn’t one of mine every single day! But my heath and keeping fit definitely is a priority in my life so I never lose sight of that. Make sure you know what yours are and find the time for them even if it’s tricky.


It’s too hot – Nobody ever melted to death from doing a workout! There are lots of solutions for this IF you want them and this isn’t just code for I can’t be bothered and I don’t want to get sweaty! Head indoors for your workout where it’s cooler, drink plenty of water, wear the right clothes that will help keep you cool, take a towel, the list goes on. The warmer weather is actually perfect for exercise as your body is warmer which helps with stretching and reducing injury.