13/03/2020 Things Your Dance Fit Teacher Says Vs What They Really Mean

Just in case you were wondering…;)

1) “Aaand march it out…” – I’ve completely forgotten what comes next.

2) “I’m going to put this one straight on.” – Nobody looks tired enough, best crack on!

3) “Don’t worry, just follow me.” – Everyone looks lost, best just put the music on or we could be here a while.

4) “Now this one is probably the most ‘danciest’ of them all.” – I may be pushing my luck with this one.

5) “Everyone is on time and in sync!” – I really mean this! I’m impressed! 

6) “There’s enough time to squeeze one more routine in.” – This class is looking really good, time to up the ante!

7) “OK just over 5 minutes left…I think you’ve earned a nice cool down.” – I’m shattered and there’s no chance I’m squeezing another routine in.

8) “I hope that was OK for you?” – Please say you loved it and will come back next week!